Treadmill Basics

You Won't Lose Weight If You Don't Use Your Treadmill Correctly

When you look at a treadmill, you might be tempted to start using it right away. You may think that it is not going to be very difficult to use a treadmill. After all, you might wonder all you have to do is to get on to the treadmill and adjust the incline and speed. It might not occur to you that there is much more to using a treadmill of which you should be aware.

Learning how to use a treadmill properly will help you to derive the maximum benefit from your experience.  Let us take a look at a few of the things you should be careful about when using a treadmill.

Make sure that your posture is comfortable and that you are swinging your arms in and out, just as you do when you walk out of doors. Keeping your arms raised when you are walking is not natural. It prevents blood from flowing freely and may cause cramps in your arms.

Your steps on the treadmill should be light. The feet should absorb the act of walking or running and not the back. Correct footwork helps to absorb the shocks that come from walking on the treadmill. Of course, it does help if your treadmill has a good inbuilt capability to absorb shocks.

Walk naturally just as you walk when you go out for a stroll. Sometimes a treadmill gives us a cramped feeling that makes us conscious of the way we walk when using the machine. If you do not do much of walking, try walking a little outside and then use the treadmill.

Keeping your posture erect, natural, and walking with stress on your feet will help you to burn calories and loose weight.