Treadmill Basics

Try These Treadmill Workouts

You always wanted to know how to make full use of your treadmill, which is idle at most of the times.

Well then, given below is a list of popular treadmill workouts that will help you to fully utilize your machine and provide you the physical exercise that you need.

Before we discuss the workouts, let us take a look at the following  points while working out on a treadmill:

* Never over do your workouts. Always stay within your limits and attempt only the possible. It is advisable that you carry out only two of the workouts in a week.

* Set your treadmill to an angle of about 1 degree from the ground. This will help simulate the air that you face when running outdoors and create thus prove to be an effective system of workout.

 Here is a list of treadmill workouts that can be tried out anywhere. It could be well practiced within the confines of your home.

1) The Progression:

Start with a 10-minute warm up. Then set your treadmill’s speed to an average of about 15 seconds per mile faster than your last recorded best. This is known as the 5K pace. Run for only five minutes for the first session of the workout. Then slow down to 15-20 minutes of slow running. Maintain this for about 10 consecutive weeks after which you can increase your time for the faster running to about 1 minute, with each week.

2) The Speed Demon:

Start with a normal run for about 10 minutes. Then gradually increases your pace to about 20 seconds per mile, faster than your previous record of 5K pace. Maintain this for about 3 minutes. Alter this routine with about 3 minutes of very slow jogging.