Treadmill Basics

Treadmill Interval Training

Treadmills have created a buzz in the fitness market. Every fitness freak desires to own a Treadmill of their own. But just owning one won't give you fitness. You need to learn a few Treadmill fitness mantras. Without adequate knowledge you cannot achieve your goal of being absolutely fit.  It can be harmful to use a particular product  without having appropriate knowledge of that particular product.

The foremost thing is to recognize your requirements and make the use of the treadmill accordingly. The most important thing is to start slow and when you realize that you have reached a comfort level, you can gradually increase your speed. And secondly,  keep in mind the intervals in between the sessions.

Interval training is the one that involves the carrying out  different exercises in a  total fitness regime. It is simply alternating high intensity exerscises with low intensity exercises. Intervals are really important in a treadmill session. It helps the person maintain an appropriate heartbeat rate. Usually, interval training becomes a part of your workout when you are doing it at home.

Being at home you might feel boredom and exausted doing the same thing again and again. Your working programs should be such that it should keep you active and motivated all time . Also it keeps the treadmill session at a comfortable rate.  For the beginners, one should modify the speed and take the recovery time as needed.

If you need longer intervals, don't panic; take as long as you want and help yourself recover. Then, add a few minutes to your workout session each week to progress. You can even add other fitness exercises like skipping in between your sessions so that your enthusiasm for fitness would not die.

Your exercise should start with a few minutes warm up session which includes moving your arms and shoulders for five minutes. This would even losen up your arms for further exercising. Some of the interval workouts for intervals are The Hill, Rando Choice Program, The Cardio Workout, and The Fatburn Workout.

You can even use perceived exertion scale or target heart rate calculator to intensify monitoring and control of  your exercises. The RPE's ( rate of perceived exertion) help you keeping a track of of your intensity on a scale of 1-10. During high intensity workouts(lasting about 1 minute) one should be working hard as around 8 RPE. And to top the list of importance, one should consult a doctor before starting any sort of workouts.