Treadmill Basics

Treadmill Conditioning Workout

After doing treadmill workout over a pretty long period of time, your body tends to get used to it. This is when something like the law of diminishing returns seems to come into effect. The body begins to burn fewer and fewer calories in spite of performing the same amount of exercise on the treadmill. This is actually because of the fact that the performance level of your body increases with the passage of time. If you do not take timely treadmill conditioning workouts, the process of minimization of benefits will speed up day by day.

Conditioning workout ensures that the process is not stopped. These workouts facilitate further growth on the stamina front. If you increase your workout intensity to curb the gradual minimization of calorie burn, it will lead to the accumulation of lactate, a form of acid which hinders maximum power output. To tackle this problem, you have to go through a judicious mix of cardio and aerobic exercises. In this regard, interval training is also very important.

The first step of treadmill conditioning is to get used to the machine and the methods. Because of the sliding belt, it usually takes some time on your part to achieve the required stability. Once you are stable enough on the running surface, it is time for you to brace up for the conditioning exercises.

It is imperative to go for high-intensity exercises in order to gain the maximum benefit. Conditioning workouts enable the body to deal with the increasing lactate level. Interval training is very crucial for this end. Also, you should alternate various cardio exercises with aerobic ones. These improvised workout schedule has been actually devised for the body to be able to effectively deal with the unneeded lactate. These workouts, condition the body to process and buffer the redundant lactate.

Specific fat burning exercises are a priority here, to which longer time should be apportioned. Cardio intervals are also to be continued side by side because it is the most profitable way. It imparts an aerobic tinge to your workout. Also, the recovery and cooling down sessions are to be given more importance than in case of other exercises. Returning to normal heart rate and breathing levels is vital in this regard, as it reduces the risk of injuries.