Treadmill Basics

To Start a Successful treadmill exercise program- Follow 3 Steps

To resolve something new in any part of the year is the best thing to do and to stick to that is also most important. When you start something new, keep the momentum of its being carried on and it should not be stopped abruptly or you just find some excuse to put it on hold. For instance, if you want to lose weight and get into shape, you can very well use this momentum to your benefit.

Momentum is one of the most underrated factors that one can make use of losing weight and achieving the ideal body. The momentum can also give you the boost you need to start an exercise program, stick to it and benefit from it. Although this initial excitement will certainly fade at some point or the other, you will at least be on the right track that maintenance will become easy for you as well. You can use this initial excitement to start your treadmill exercise program though.

When planning a treadmill program for yourself, make sure the program you have in mind is exciting and will challenge all your perceived physical limitations. There are usually three steps for planning a treadmill exercise program which will help in bringing positive results. This includes the following:

You can enlist all you want to achieve in terms of fitness and weight loss with vivid descriptions in a notebook or a journal. It is better to include how you want to look and feel as well and other emotional aspects associated with weight loss. Also do write about the clothes you want to fit in as this will provide ample motivation. Read this description at least once a day and just keep in mind the end result will be ample motivation for you to start and keep it up with your fitness program.

Once you begin with the exercises, keep a record on your workout sessions with details such as the time duration you did it for, your perceived exertion and the miles you covered. Do remember to review your workout session notes weekly and add something a little more challenging in the workout scheduled for the next week. You can either increase the time duration of your workout, the exertion you put in etc. as these little details will contribute a great deal to your progress and ultimately your fitness goals.

In order to keep the momentum going, the inspiration from the charting of your progress will remain a constant motivational factor even after the initial excitement has gone down. By following the above steps, your treadmill sessions will become both easy and exciting. By using momentum and sticking to that, you'll be able to achieve your fitness goals in no time and even more.