Treadmill Basics

Know About Treadmill Safety Guidelines

Over the years, the use of treadmill has become common. Even though this has also led to an increase in treadmill-related accidents. According to a report by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, around 1009 infants and children were injured due to home treadmills from January 1, 1996 to September 30, 2000. It, therefore, becomes necessary that we observe all the treadmill safety guidelines. Generally, all your treadmill safety guidelines are provided in the instruction manual in a detailed manner.

Some of the most common guidelines for treadmill safety

Familiarize yourself thoroughly with all the treadmill safety systems like emergency stop buttons and access keys. Keep the treadmill in a locked room when you are not using it. It is necessary point of treadmill safety that children are kept away from it. Do not exercise when your child is around. Put the child to sleep. It is a good practice to wear good running shoes to ensure good grip and balance on the belt. A golden rule for treadmill safety is that all drinks and food be kept away from it. Do regular maintenance work on your treadmill. It’s never a good treadmill safety practice to use a properly lubricated treadmill.
Ensure that speed control mechanism of treadmill is working properly.

If you have a new computerized treadmill, you may not have to bother about this particular treadmill safety guideline because the computer will take care of that. Never rely too much on handrails. Not only is this a bad treadmill safety practice, it will also mean that you burn lesser calories. It is a great treadmill safety practice to try only those speeds that you can handle. It’s better that you get used to the speeds first, and then try anything heroic. To ensure greater treadmill safety, remember you should never keep anything around the treadmill. It will multiply the injuries in case you fall off. Before using the machine, it’s a good treadmill safety practice to do a warm up, unless the treadmill itself offers a warm up mode.

The best treadmill safety practice, while starting its use, is to first let the machine run for a distance of ten meters at a minimum. Then, step on the machine as you would step on an escalator and gradually adjust speed as per your preference. The usage of proper voltage regulators is an important treadmill safety practice. Unplug the machine in case of thunderstorms. Electric surges can damage speed control mechanism of the treadmill and lead to accidents.

Remember that you bought the treadmill for staying in good health, not to end up in a hospital.