Treadmill Basics

Is Treadmill Running as Good as Training Outside?

The biggest advantage of treadmills is that they have the capacity to bring the outside world into the living room. It sounds like an exaggeration. The fact of the matter is that it is true. It is true because  you can run 10 miles on the treadmill without having to leave the house.

It is also a  fact that treadmills can  deliver the same benefits to a person exercising indoors as the person gets in case of running outdoors. There are obvious differences between the two. As a treadmill user, you have to understand the differences.

When the person runs outdoors, he or she faces wind resistance. The wind resistance is absent in case of indoor exercise on a treadmill. There is also a difference as far as the surface on which you run. A treadmill has a plane surface, whereas when you run outside you may face all sorts of rough and uneven ground. Many experts feel that running on a treadmill is better for your feet than running outdoors.

Many runners feel that running outside is better because you get lots of fresh air and sunshine and these two valuable commodities cannot be easily replaced. Running outside every now and then is great for the body and the soul. There is no reason you cannot run outside every now and then even if you workout indoors on a treadmill.

Of course, the differences between running outdoors and on a treadmill are to some extent psychological. Once you get used to running on a treadmill you will find it an exhilarating experience that supplements, if not complements your exercise regimen.

You will begin to enjoy running as a form of physical activity, whether you are running indoors or out of doors.