Treadmill Basics

How to Run On a Treadmill

Running is a way to stay fit that is better  than most other exercises. It is a cardiovascular exercise, and hence reduces the risk of many diseases like, heart attacks and high cholesterol levels. A treadmill is an easy way to run in a smoke free environment. We do not need to run on pot-holed roads and there is no fear of getting hurt. In addition, we do not need to go out in extreme weather conditions. It offer smooth running surface to the runner and is much safer than running on roads.

No doubt, treadmill is a useful device to burn down calories, but we need to know how to use a treadmill so that we can get the maximum benefit from the machine. Here are a few guidelines that one must follow in order to get the desired results.

First and the foremost we should start with warm up exercises so that our body reaches a level of activity that is compatible with working out on a treadmill. Warm up exercises also boost our motivation.

We should constantly try out the workout programs on the treadmill to know which program suits our needs, preferences and body type.

We should wear comfortable footwear. You must try out the footwear available and decide for yourself, which one is the most comfortable pair. For instance, a pair of lightweight running shoes is the best buy for a runner. Since the running surface has good shock absorbers so, you can run in light running shoes without the risk of injury.

We should be careful about our posture. You should not look at the monitor while running as it would not give you a correct posture and your heart rate would not be correctly shown on the monitor.

Next, we should drink enough liquids while running. As we keep on running, our body keeps on losing water in the form of sweat. It is advisable to consume as much water as you can to maintain the level of water in the body. It is advisable to run in an open and well-ventilated environment.
The most important thing to keep in mind while running is to maintain intervals while running. To maintain an interval set your treadmill to a speed lower than on which you usually run. Alternate a faster speed with that lower speed for specific time intervals, ranging from one minute to five minutes and so on.

There are ways to get rid of feeling bored while you are running. You can run while playing your favorite music or your favorite shows on television. If you are running at the gym, try out keeping competitions among co-runners. This would help you get motivated and relaxed while you are running.