Treadmill Basics

Beginner Treadmill Workout

If you have been somewhat out of shape lately, you must have been pondering about the possibility of taking to physical exercises. Problem is you do not have enough extra time to fit your workout schedule into your scheme of things. Also, sometimes you get up in the morning motivated enough to go for a long run. But there is a raging hailstorm outside. Cheer up buddy, no need to lose heart. Treadmills are forever there for you if you are serious about regular exercises.

However, there are many traps for the unwary. If you are a rank newcomer, you will do well not to plunge headlong into it. Experts would advise you about a definite and well charted out beginner treadmill workout schedule. If you are looking at the prospect of long-term benefits, you must abide by that schedule.

A treadmill workout basically entails three primary modes—walking, jogging and running. Walking and jogging will nicely fit the bill for a beginner. The ultimate aim behind treadmill workout is to stay fit and successfully fight off the fat by preventing the amassment of extra calories. If you are serious and dedicated enough, walking can fulfill this aim to a satisfactory level.

You should always keep this in mind that pre-workout stretching is very crucial for your own good. Stretching makes your body ready for strenuous exercises. Do not start working on the treadmill before you are through with adequate amount of stretching. It reduces the risk of cramps and various other muscle injuries. If you are fired enough to run hard, always remember to alternate vigorous running sessions with slow and relaxed recovery runs. This helps you gain substantial benefit and minimizes the chance of getting overworked.

Before beginning your first tryst with treadmill workout, it is always better to consult your physician. Your performance on the mill and the resultant benefits depend very much on your health status in general, and heart condition in specific. Start your workout with relaxed walking for some days before you finally become fit for more demanding exercises like running.