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Downloading Treadmill Workout Programs

Treadmills are one of the most popular indoor fitness machines that cater to almost all kinds of fitness needs and levels. Several workout programs are available for treadmill exercises.  These programs are either pre-set, available in the machine’s console or can be downloaded from the Internet.

The downloaded treadmill workout programs add variety and spice to routine workouts. They help to beat monotony and increase motivation.

A user may download treadmill workout programs from the internet according to fitness goal. These programs are designed to cater to varied fitness needs such as weight loss, reshaping the body, pilates as well as leg and abdominal workouts.

These programs even help to calculate the user’s body fat percentage, the suggested daily calorie intake and the body-mass index. A number of these programs have low calorie diet planners.

The workout programs may be downloaded to a cell phone or MP3 player. Many workout related audio books are also available for download. These have instructions that guide the user step-by-step through the workout. Some of the audio books have intervals where soothing music is played to help the user relax.

NordicTrack is famous for its range of quality products and wide variety of added features. Made by Icon Health and Fitness Inc., Nordic treadmills are available in the range of $1000 to $5000. These machines are good for weight loss and help to enhance the user’s general fitness levels.

All Nordic treadmills come with Reflex Deck Technology, which provides a shock-absorbing effect. They use the most recent iFit technology that enables the user to download treadmill workout programs directly from the Internet. Even their consoles  offer many inbuilt workout routines and plans.

 iFit technology combines the ease of a health club with the convenience of working out at home. Nordic provides workout agendas via video, discs and the internet. The exercise plans help the user to control his/her speed and intensity levels. Helpful in motivating the users these programs help to achieve workouts that are goal oriented.

 iFit can also run discretionary workout programs apart from the ones inbuilt in the machine’s console. Designed by professionals, these plans are extremely useful to help the user, attain desired results. iFit can also be used to gather information about nutrition, and fitness.

Some Nordic models that incorporate the iFit technology are Audio Strider 800 Elliptical, Audio Rider 400 Bike, Audio Rider 4300 Exercise Bike, Upright Exercise Bike, CX 1050 Elliptical, CX 985 Elliptical, CX 938 Elliptical, C 2400 Treadmill, C 2255 Treadmill, Elite 3200 TV Treadmill and the Elite 2900 Treadmill.