Treadmill Basics

Running On Treadmill

A treadmill is one the most effective and preferred  indoor exercise machines and an excellent choice to keep you fit. You can use a treadmill in any weather. You can exercise in the convenience of your own home. All you need to do is to buy a good pair of walking or running shoes and take out a little time from your schedule.

A treadmill helps you to practice running, sprinting, jogging, practice running uphill and resistance training. Your chances of being injured while running on a treadmill are very few as most treadmills have shock absorbers.

Some tips on running on a treadmill are given below:

1. Use the inbuilt workout programs on your treadmill. Select the program that suits your fitness requirements and exercise needs.

2. Don’t forget to put on light running shoes. It will help you to run without tiring your feet and reduce the risk of injury while running.

3. Maintain a healthy posture when you are running. Stay upright and look away from the monitor.

4. Running on a treadmill will make you sweat. Always make sure that you keep your self well hydrated when you are exercising on a treadmill.

5. You should also use a heart rate monitor so that you can check your heart rate when running. Checking your heart rate helps you to see if you have reached your targeted heart rate of your exercise program

There is a lot of debate about the difference between running on a treadmill and running on the ground. Let us face the fact that there is nothing to beat running in the open with the wind blowing in your face. Whenever you do get the chance or the time, do go out of doors to walk or run. Most professional athletes run on a treadmill to perfect their technique and timing and to build up stamina.