Used Treadmills

What Is A Treadmill?

When you workout on a treadmill, there is no air resistance like you experience when you workout outdoors. Moreover it's not your body that is moving but it is the ground beneath your feet that is in motion. Therefore, as compared to walking outside it takes less energy to walk on a treadmill with the same pace. Since treadmills provide a smooth and even terrain, your knees and back are likely to feel more relaxed and the chances of injuring them are also reduced.

Today, treadmills carry a lot of features which are unique and health-friendly. Apart from some basic features, which your treadmill needs to carry there are various special features which add an advantage to it:

1) Pre-programmed workouts designed for all levels ranging from beginners to routine runners.
2) Speed variations.
3) Incline of the walk (motorized treadmills can tilt the walking deck to give a workout equivalent to that of walking uphill).
4) Some treadmills may also offer a customized program for you, depending on your case history.

The general belief is that expensive treadmills carry the maximum features. But, this need not be true. The features and the prices of a treadmill vary in accordance with the type of treadmill it is. For eg.- A manual treadmill is light, inexpensive and can be folded to be pushed under a bed whereas, a motorized treadmill is heavy and not that portable. But a motorized treadmill is actually more advanced and provides a superior exercising experience

In addition to manual and motorized treadmills, a class of home and commercial treadmills is also available. However, you need to take care of a few points while purchasing a treadmill for yourself.

1) When buying a motorized treadmill, go for motors which carry maximum guarantee.
2) Check out the minimum and maximum incline levels and speed that a treadmill offers.
3) Make sure that the running deck is long and wide enough to support your natural stride.

There are other things as well which you need to keep in mind while buying a treadmill. But, these features are the added advantages offered by different motorized treadmills and therefore need to be paid close attention to.

The popularity of treadmills has experienced a great upshoot in recent years. People are increasingly realizing the importance of exercising and the advantages offered by treadmills are pulling more and more buyers towards it. The future of the treadmill industry also seems to be bright as more and more brands enter the market with advanced models to provide you the best of exercise regimes within the comfort of your home.