Used Treadmills

Used Precor Treadmill

If you are in need of a treadmill for your long term exercising and running requirements and you are not willing to spend too much on it, you can go for used precor treadmills. Precor treadmills are known for their durability, stability and pace accuracy. And a couple of year's use hardly brings wear and tear in a precor model. So, while looking for a used treadmill, choosing one of used precor treadmills is always safe. To know more about used treadmill, read.


 Precor treadmills are produced by Precor company that has been manufacturing treadmills since 1984. These treadmills are known for consumer satisfaction and quality. Since a new model would cost above three thousand dollars, you can pick an old one in your budget. If you happen to be a runner, needing daily workout but can't go for a new one, just zoom in on a pecor used treadmill.

  It's long warranty period also draws people's attention towards it as a long warranty is indication of machines stability and durability. It's hundred percent shock absorbing cushioning system that hardly alters with a couple of years of use, make it popular choice among used treadmills. Popular models are M9.31, M9.33 and M9.35. Completely refurbished pecor treadmills are a bit costly affair. Precor C966i Treadmill, Precor C956i Treadmill, Precor C956 Treadmill and Precor C954 Treadmill have recently gained popularity in the category of manufactured treadmills. But, they all cost above 2000$ as they are completely remanufactured.

So, taking one among completely refurbished used precor treadmills may be a bit costly if you compare it with the range of other used treadmills. Surprisingly, despite this fact, it is being bought in plenty. Physical trainer and fitness doctor also recommend these used treadmills of precor because of its 21 preprogrammed workouts and other special features. In case you take one without refurbishing, you need not worry as very little repair and replacement would be required.