Used Treadmills

Treadmills Versus Exercise Bikes

The following factors can help you compare treadmills with exercise bikes and make a choice thereon:
The human beings have the tendency to get bored very easily and quickly. If you have exercise equipment at your home, you are very likely to miss it at times in favor of other distractions. To save yourself from such a situation you need to set a routine for yourself.

Treadmills are often considered to be boring devices. It makes you walk, which is no fun. It makes you jog which is again not much of fun. It makes you run, which you might think is fun. The same workout routine daily could bore you to hell. But the way out is that you can try different types of workouts. Also with some treadmill accessories, you can enjoy your treadmill workout as well.

In case of exercise bikes the same principle holds true. The same pattern of exercise could make it boring as well. But as some of them are incorporated with random programs, they may seem to be more interesting. But the bottom line remains the same. Both the machines can prove to be equally boring so, none of them scores a point as far as boredom is concerned.

Calories burnout:
You exercise to burn calories. Any exercise equipment you buy, is meant to help you in carrying out this burnout. If same amount of time over two different machines can lead to variation in this burnout then surely there has to be a better one of the two.

A study conducted by Nordic Track has proved that most people burn about 750 calories per hour on a treadmill whereas the same people are likely to burn only 550 calories in an hour while exercising on a bike. So, if we consider this point, for which any exercise equipment is actually bought then treadmills, surely score a point above exercise bikes.

Safety The most important of all is your safety. Whatever equipment you use, should be safe and not capable of giving any kind of injury to your body.

Treadmills are not considered to be a safe option because just a wrong step can make you fall flat. Sometimes the user gets so much engrossed in the music or the television program that he may be watching, that he happens to loose the rhythm with the belt and may end up falling down.

Moreover treadmills are not at all a safe option for children. There have been numerous cases where children have injured themselves badly while trying to exercise on a treadmill.

Exercise bikes are considered to be much safer an option as compared to the treadmills. It is practically difficult to fall off an exercise bike. So, if we look from the safety point of view, exercise bikes are much good an option.

Apart from these points there are various considerations like, the budget of the user, space availability, result expected from the workout, which may act as the deciding factors for the exercise equipment you would buy. If we look at the various factors it would be clear that treadmills are very much in line with exercise bikes apart from the safety point which is a very important one. Therefore, exercise bikes can be rated better then the treadmills.