Used Treadmills

Treadmills Versus Elliptical Trainers

Although both are meant for aerobic workout indoors, after a close watch you will realize that the elliptical trainers are a fairly young kid on the block as compared to the treadmills. As a result, the treadmills are the more widely known and used product of the two. Let us take a close watch to decide which one of the two is better:

1) While you exercise on an elliptical trainer there is no impact on the ground, therefore the joints in your lower body are free from any abuse. Whereas in case of treadmill, there is a significant amount of impact on your joints.

2) Treadmills provide a better training experience to a dedicated runner as compared to elliptical trainer. For eg- if you are preparing for a race or marathon then treadmill is obviously a better choice as compared to the elliptical trainer.

3) If you look forward to get a complete body or a quality cardiovascular workout then elliptical trainer is something you just can't look off. Whereas treadmill focuses more on your lower body.

4) Elliptical trainer is said to add variety to your workout which makes you avoid any kind of boredom or monotony. On the other hand treadmills are also loaded with various features and pre-programmed settings that prevent boredom from creeping in.

5) As far as the burning of calories is concerned, both the ellipticals as well as the treadmills are equally effective in this function.

6) An elliptical trainer provides the option of letting the foot go forward or backward which is not there in the treadmill. It makes you feel like a sky flier which could be more interesting then exercising on a treadmill.

The above points may put ellipticals in a brighter light but the fact remains that they are a pretty new concept in comparison to treadmills. Treadmills are widely used and relied upon by people whereas ellipticals are still to carve a niche for themselves.