Used Treadmills

The Common Abodes Of Treadmills

Treadmills are increasingly becoming a fitness choice for many. People are switching over to it to get that perfectly carved and healthy body. Here are the places which are their most common abodes.

At home
The use of treadmills at home is really picking up because of the various advantages that it offers. Any time and unconditional access to your fitness routine is the USP of home treadmills. Despite the considerable number of features provided by them, they are available in moderate sizes and normal price ranges. The various advantages of having a treadmill at home are:

1) It facilitates you to exercise anytime and anywhere, as per your convenience.
2) Whether it's rainy or stormy outside, you do not need to stop your fitness routine.
3) The only cost that you incur is the capital cost.
4) You don't really need to leave the house to exercise.
5) It helps you burn calories in the comfort of your house.
6) You have the privacy of working out in your own home.
7) It can provide various levels of workouts customized to suit your needs.

At gym/ health club
Undoubtedly the gym is the commercial home of a treadmill. It is a very important part of any gym, health club or fitness center. Apart from other exercising equipment, treadmill has its own special role to play. The treadmills generally used in gyms are of commercial types which are heavier, expensive and have the maximum number of features. These are the machines which are meant to provide the best service to the customer.

At space research centers (NASA)
What will a treadmill do at a space research center? NASA in coordination with Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF) has devised a dual track treadmill which will help the astronauts maintain balance and coordination when they return from space to earth. Although the treadmill has not been put to full fledged use as of now, the initial tests are complete and it is already being used on trial basis.

These treadmills have been designed in such a way that each track can be independently controlled in terms of speed, incline and height variations. It will help improve the health of astronauts, who sometimes experience motion sickness, impaired motor skills, dizziness, and decreased muscle coordination during spaceflight. Along with the typical health benefits of treadmill exercise, it helps in improving an astronaut's coordination and sense of balance when he/she returns to Earth.