Used Treadmills

How To Repair Your Treadmill Smartly And Confidently?

Home treadmill is always a cherished equipment for any health conscious person. Treadmills are runner machines that become part of your daily exercising after all. So if in case your treadmill falls apart and distorts your exercising regime, you need to be aware of the following treadmill repair facts:

Motor: Motor is the heart of any treadmill. And only a heart specialist should do a heart operation or a transplant! Whatever may be the depth of your love for the heart of your own treadmill, don't express it yourself. You need a specialist to repair it.

But then, treadmill motor repairs can be costly. Look out for the invoice of the treadmill and the relative papers. In all probability, the warranty on the motor will protect you. Sometimes, it is a life time warranty. Get the motor repaired through the manufacturer only.

But if the motor is not under warranty, even in that case, call the manufacturer. They often have exchange program, and in all probability they will replace your broken motor, and you will get it on a discounted price.

Do not try to open the motor whose warranty is still in operation. You will lose your legal safeguards in relation to the warranty.

Running belt: The running belt requires special and constant attention as debris can pile up under the running belt. Wipe it down regularly. It increases the life of belt and the performance will be better, without any noise. Be patient. Never spray the cleaning fluid right over the equipment. Have consideration for the delicate parts of the equipment.

Treadmill mat: Buy a good tread mill mat. It is a very good investment, from all points of view. It helps to reduce the treadmill noise. Treadmill positioning and consequently the alignment of the belt are very important. Wrong alignment can result in accidents! You need to give top priority to your safety. If your treadmill is faulty in any area, and howsoever small may be the fault, do not use the treadmill unless you rectify the error.

You also need to care for the following aspects:

Treadmill protection: Dust and moisture are the enemies of any electrical equipment. Protect your treadmill well. Have a careful and well-planned maintenance schedule. You know it well-“Prevention is better than cure”. Look out for the special maintenance kits that are available in the market.

Troubleshooting Advice: Your treadmill manufacturer is bound to have on his website, useful troubleshooting advice. Check their frequently asked questions column, and get your knowledge updated so that you can give a better presentation of your problems with the treadmill.

Local newspapers: Scan the local newspapers. You are bound to get some people, who are desperate to dispose off their old treadmills, lock stock and barrel, for very low prices. You will be able to find one, the parts of which are suitable for your treadmill. This bargain should work well, as you sill have some more parts ready with you in case you need them in future.

All in all, I wanna convey a single message, if you know how to repair your treadmill, do it confidently! But you also need to know how not to do it!