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Commercial Treadmills: The Heavy Duty Treadmills For Advanced Users

Commercial treadmills are not meant to serve individual workout needs. Instead they are used for commercial purposes in gyms and fitness clubs. Most of the physical trainers who own a gym or a fitness club are in great need of good commercial treadmills that could sustain constant usage. These treadmills are needed to be much strongly built in order to cope up with over use and harsher treatments.

These commercial treadmills are often called heavy duty treadmills because of their high horsepower motor that is specially designed to bear constant and rigorous workouts. These heavy duty treadmills have their horsepower efficiency around and above three HP when on continuous duty.

Other components of these treadmills are also specifically manufactured and designed to suit conditions at a gym. For example these commercial tread equipments come with a belt of four ply instead of two ply belt that you find in treadmills used for individual purposes.

Along with the surge in demand of home treadmills, need for commercial treadmills were expected to decrease. But contrarily commercial treadmills happen to be equally sought after and almost all leading brands have climbed on the band wagon for producing these business tread equipments.

Comparatively this business tread equipment takes greater space and are often heavier than home purpose treadmills. These treadmills are considered to be perfect for aerobic physical exercises.

Although these treadmills are strongly built, they are also not bared from maintenance. All gym owners should ensure that their equipments get periodic motor cleaning.

However, the differentiating line between a home treadmill and a commercial treadmill seems blurred today as even for individual use folks are seeking heavy duty machines. That's why manufacturers have taken a concerted effort to come up with a new genre for those who are willing to buy a heavy duty home treadmill. This new category is known as commercial grade treadmill that resembles a commercial treadmill but is not at par with it in terms of features and stability. These commercial grade machines are also lighter than business tread equipments.

A good quality commercial treadmill would come at a price above and around four thousand dollars. Before choosing a model for your gym its better you access reviews on various models to find out best possible equipments for your gym.

Nordic Track, Life fitness and Landice are some of the popular commercial treadmill providers. Precor brand is no less behind in terms of demand. These brands have carved out a niche for themselves in sphere commercial treadmills and they are also indulged in a tough fight to have a greater share of the market. True treadmills have been also found gaining popularity for its commercial models. This brand also extends facility of home shipping. It's Z7, Z8, Z9 series are widely in use.

Since a great deal of money is spent on commercial treadmills, so buying deal must involve enough caution and care.