Treadmill Basics

Fitness Equipments: Treadmills v/s Elliptical Trainers v/s Exercise Bikes

Fitness is on the minds of everybody today. People want to remain healthy to live longer, to enjoy most of the things that can be done only when your body is healthy. Catering to this aspect, manufacturers have flooded the market with never ending options in the field of fitness regime.

Consumers have been given a plethora of options that help them in achieving their fitness goals. This sometimes lands up the consumer in a confused state of mind in deciding, which equipment will suit him the best. The recent buzz created in the fitness equipment market calls for treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical trainers. All these machines are capable of providing instant and consistent benefit to your health. But which one is best for you? Here is your guide on these 3 basic fitness equipments.


They are the most widely used fitness equipments in the market. Tread machines are mostly used to increase your cardiovascular activity, to maintain an appropriate bone density and to loose weight. As per studies, while comparing it with the other two machines, it was found that it is better than the other two equipments. It was established in the study that treadmills help in burning more calories.

Besides this, it also offers you the best opportunity to tone each and every muscle of your body. A treadmill exercising session can help you burn around 50-250 calories in an hour.

The best about a treadmills structure is: they are built to absorb all the pounding that is generating while you are running or walking on the machine. Most treadmills have electronic settings that help you customize your workout programs. Treadmills are built such that they can be programmed according to individualistic needs.

Due to all these reasons, treadmills have been rated as the best training options to attain impeccable fitness.

Elliptical Trainers

They are built to offer you a unique range of fitness benefits. Elliptical trainers provide you with low-impact workout programs that are very easy on your joints and lower body. The only disadvantage that this machine carries is that it burns fewer calories as compared to a treadmill.

The in-built workout programs that elliptical trainers’ carries have such an affect on your body that you will lose weight without affecting much of your knees, hips and back. It also helps you build an appropriate bone density. The machine can be programmed with the help of its in-built electronic setup. All in all, elliptical trainers are full body exercisers that help in toning your leg, thigh muscles to giving strength to your hands. And, all this can be done without stress and pounding.

Exercise Bikes

This machine has been rightly termed as a machine with low impact yet high performance. The workout programs that it carries are of easy intensity that works affectively on the joints and the body parts. The best part about exercise bikes is that they are the most economically priced fitness equipments. And the bad part is that they have a very low calorie burning ratio. Thus if you are planning to use a bike to lose weight then you must put in some extra hard work.

Exercise bikes are the most ancient in the fitness industry. But with technological innovations, their dying numbers have consequently geared up in the market. The machine caters to the aspect of fitness by allowing the user to maintain their heart rates without putting stress on knees, feet, hips and ankles. The exercise bikes come with built-in resistance features that help you achieve your desired goals. Now a days, there are several models that offer you electronic setups.

Comparing your health needs with the above mentioned features of treadmills, elliptical trainers and exercise bikes, you can make your health equipment pick. And enjoy your workouts for a healthy life! All the best!