Treadmill Basics

Treadmills Comparison

The whole range of various treadmill brands can be primarily divided in two categories—the budget treadmills and the upper-echelon machines. The prices are also seen to vary considerably depending on which segment the machines belong to. All the treadmill brands are not tailor-made to serve your purpose. Your choice of the machines is entirely dependent upon the type of exercises you wish to perform on your machine.

There is another form of classification as well. Based on the price range, you can divide the total number of brands. If you are buying it for home or office use, chances are you will prefer a machine priced between $1000 and $2000. The Smooth 5.25 which costs $1000 is known as one of the most competent models in this range. It comes with a highly readable monitor and a heartbeat measuring device. It has a set of six programs, apart from lifetime warranty on the frame and motor along with five years warranty on any other part of the machine. Smooth 5.25 and Smooth 6.25 are both good treadmills bearing a reasonable price tag. However, there are minus points also, as the running area is small and the weight capacity is relatively lower. The Sole F80 model is named the best in the $1500 range. Its weight capacity is higher and the surface is wider. Vision Fitness T9200 and T9500 ($1300 and $2000 respectively) are considered good for beginners. However, they have scope of improvement in the display panel. 

The Bodyguard T240 has excellent warranty on its machines. It provides for lifetime warranty on the motor and 10 years for all other parts. The Ironman and the Bowflex series are also satisfactory performers as a whole.

If you are a serious runner, you should preferably go for the machines that start at $2000. Pacemaster, Smooth and Nordic Track manufacture some models which will suit your purpose nicely. There are also some models from Landice and Life Fitness which are very good for the purpose of running.