Treadmill Basics

Review of Manual Treadmills

Now that you have deiced to buy a treadmill, the first question for which you may want an answer is whether to buy a motorized or a manual treadmill.

A manual treadmill or a non-motorized treadmill is a treadmill, minus the motor. Many of us may be surprised to know that such treadmills exist. You the user, run the manual treadmill using your feet. Since there is no motor, you start it up by running or walking on it.

Since non-motorized or manual treadmills do not have a motor, one of the obvious advantages that these treadmills have is a much lower cost than motorized treadmills. Most manual treadmills are available under $200, and that is a significant cost saving.

That should sound appealing to you, in case you are on a tight budget. A certain school of thought is of the view that a manual treadmill provides you with a more intense workout than a motorized one.

That is not very true. The fact is that since you manually moving the treadmill, you land up expending a lot of energy that you could have used in running or jogging on a motorized one. Do not forget that your feet and ankles face additional strain as you start up the treadmill.

If you like gizmos and add-ons such as LCD TVs, built in workout programs, iFit compatibility then a manual treadmill is not meant for you. Remember that these are basic treadmills without the bells and whistles. You will also not have the capability to vary the speed at which you run or walk.

Of course, the only reason you want to buy a manual treadmill is the low cost. One thing you can do is to buy a manual treadmill and get used to it. After you have used it for some time, and when money is no longer a constraint, you can buy a motorized machine.

That way you will not waste time making a decision and you will get started on your exercise routine.