Treadmill Basics

Pocket-Friendly Manual Treadmills

Treadmills are the most popular choice amongst the indoor exercise machinery. They allow the user to walk, jog or run, without actually moving. Treadmill workouts help in weight loss, cardio exercises, strength training, keeping fit, bodybuilding and also in overcoming stress.

There are two kinds of treadmill machines- motorized or power-driven and manual or non-motorized. Manual treadmills are cheaper than the motorized ones.

Manual treadmills depend on foot movement to power the tread-belts. As the user paces on the belt, it gets pushed backwards, thereby assisting in the movement of the belt.

Manual treadmills can be obtained for as little as $100- $200. Cheap manual treadmills can be procured from three sources- direct from the provider, used treadmills and discount treadmills. Buying directly from the manufacturer helps the customer to buy cheap by saving on the commission of the middlemen.

Used or second-hand treadmills can be picked up from used-goods store or gyms, which may be in the process of upgrading their machinery. Often, some brands also offer discount deals on their products. These discounted prices mean savings for the buyer.
 Carl Lewis Fitness, Horizon and Vitesse are some brands that offer cheap manual treadmills.

The cheap manual treadmills come handy in cases where budget is a concern or in instances when a new treadmill user wants to get a feel of the machine before starting with a full fledged workout.

In cases where there are space constraints, manual folding treadmills are useful. They also provide the ease of folding up the machine after usage, making it convenient to store.

Many people think that because more force is applied on the manual treadmills, they help to burn more calories. However, the fact is very much different. Due to the exertion of moving the machine alongside exercising, fatigue sets in sooner. As a result, the user is able to spend less time on the treadmill.

Cheap manual treadmills are known to cause aches, sprains and injuries. Both, experts as well as customers rate them poorly. They are also known for the recurrent noise problems.

The low-priced manual treadmills usually come with low-quality parts and sloppy services. Their motors are low in HP, belts thinned or worn out and decks weak. As a result, they require frequent maintenance and entail unnecessary expense for the user.

Before taking the final decision, it may be helpful to know why some treadmills are available at cheaper prices than the others. This is primarily due to poor quality of the components. However, if a cheap manual machine is well made and provides all the necessary functions, it may prove to be a good buy.