Treadmill Basics

Dog Treadmills

A dog treadmill is a useful piece of equipment  for the exercise routine of your dog. Dogs do not get enough exercise just by running briefly or by playing a few minutes in the backyard. A dog treadmill is the kind of equipment that can provide the required exercise and training workouts for your pet dog.

Although commercial treadmill brands are available in the market, you can try converting an ordinary treadmill into one that is safe and compatible for use by dogs, by making a few modifications.

This can be done by providing a bar for attaching the harness on a canine. Fencing or side railings can be provided using PVC pipes or plastic fencing and by using zip ties to make sure that, the dog remains on the belted workout surface.

Although these modifications are possible, they may not work very well for a number of reasons. The modified treadmills become full of dog hair and tend to malfunction. Since dogs have longer strides than humans do, the length of the treadmill surface may not be suitable for them. Exercising dogs on such modified treadmills may result in their developing an abnormally short gait.

To train your dog to use the treadmill you may have to let the animal get used to the treadmill by letting it walk, trot and run on the treadmill. Introduce your pet to the treadmill very slowly and gradually.

Although dogs are not very used to the idea of the surface beneath them moving, they will usually take to treadmill runs within a few training sessions. You can begin with the slowest possible speed and then gradually increase it so that your dog can become accustomed to the change of speed in a gradual manner.