Treadmill Basics

Motorized Or Manual Treadmill: A Comparison

As more and more people are realizing the true benefits of treadmill workouts, the manufacturers are in fray to capture the major chunk of the market with their various treadmill models. But in such a situation, it becomes really difficult for the consumer to define his needs and choice for making a treadmill pick.

The most common and important question that comes in one’s mind while buying a treadmill is that whether he should opt for a manual treadmill or a motorized treadmill. Now, to be clear on this basic query, the foremost thing is to have a proper know-how on the differences between the two models.

The basic difference between the two treadmill models is that the manual treadmill requires your force and work on the machine while a motorized treadmill is equipped with everything, which is electronic.

In a manual treadmill you need to run on the deck rigorously which in turn propels the treadmill belt to move and roll. You need to exert pressure on the belt so that it rolls and gives you motion. Thus working on a manual treadmill is similar to running on any other ordinary surface.

A motorized treadmill on the other hand has the belt propelled by an electric motor. So all you need to do is to keep running on the deck, with whatever speed and inclination you are comfortable in. The electric motor will automatically keep pace with the belt. Thus your external force to keep the belt moving is not required, as it is essential with a manual treadmill.

Many people believe that a manual treadmill is far better than a motorized one because the extra force that you apply in moving the belt in a manual treadmill burns more calories. Well, this is actually incorrect!

The reason is simple. As you apply more force in moving the belt, your work out session will last for shorter duration. You will get tired in less time. Thus you will workout for lesser time period and the calories burnt will also be fewer. Because the amount of calories you burn directly depend on the workout time that you generate on the treadmill.

Besides, there is a disadvantage of working out on a manual treadmill. That is, the extra force you apply on it will in turn apply an equal and opposite force on your knee joints, which can actually be harmful for your joints.

Therefore, a motorized treadmill definitely stands a good deal than a manual model. But everything comes for a price. A motorized model is a little more costly than its manual counterpart. So if you suffer from some budget constraints then a deal with a manual treadmill wouldn’t be bad at all. Or, you can plan to buy a used motorized treadmill as well. The choice is all yours.