Treadmill Basics

Canine Treadmills

Exercise and fitness is as important for animals, as it is for human beings. It helps to condition the animals’ muscles and keeps the heart and body fit. It enables build up of general stamina and prevents obesity and related problems. It puts an end to disorderly behavior. The pets develop adaptability to workouts and improve their overall health and fitness.

Treadmills have been used for exercising dogs, sheep, lamb, goats, pigs and small horses. Dog Treadmills are designed for dogs. These are frequently used in cases where the dog owners are unable to take the pet out for walks, due to busy schedules or adverse weather conditions. These machines are also helpful to prepare dogs for competitive sports events.

These treadmills have a revolving floor which allows the dog to run at a pre-set speed. Dog Treadmills come in manual or animal-powered and motorized varieties. Manual treadmills are cheaper and provide excellent workout in a short span of time. The motorized or power-driven treadmill version is relatively more expensive.

Manual machines are either carpet mills or slate mills. Carpet Mills are quieter and easy to operate. Slate Mills were used several years ago for whipping butter, apart from exercising dogs. Over a century old, now these treadmills are difficult to find.

Colby, Grand Carpet Mills and Jog a Dog are the manufactures of pet treadmills. Colby treadmills are affordable, sturdy and quiet machines. Grand Carpet Mills offer three set-ups: traditional, regular and Big Dog models. These are also quite pocket-friendly.

Jog a Dog treadmills are designed with inputs from vets, therapists and engineers. They are highly rated and come in different sizes for small as well as large dogs.

Certain points should be kept in mind, while choosing a dog treadmill. The buyer should always buy from a reputed company, which specializes in dog treadmills. The treadmill must have adjustable controls for height, speed and resistance levels.

Dog Treadmills are a great fitness aid to keep the dogs in good shape. They develop the versatility of pets in workout and thus help to improve their overall well-being and enhance their longevity.