Treadmill Basics

Canine Treadmills for your Pet

Canine behavior experts say that affection, discipline and exercise are necessary for a healthy and happy relationship between a dog and its owner. However, if you own a dog and work full time in a demanding job you  may find it difficult to spare sufficient time, or you may simply not have enough energy after coming back from office, to walk your pet dog each day.

How do you provide sufficient exercise to the dog? The answer is by using a  canine treadmill to exercise your dog.  Do remember that treadmill exercises cannot completely substitute outdoor walks for the dog. However, a treadmill can be helpful to provide some exercise with regularity.

Many people complain that even after providing a run for their dog for a few miles, the dog seems to have abundant energy left and runs around in circles. However, after jogging or walking for a few extra miles, the dog would be more obedient, calmer and less inclined to behave destructively by chewing or digging around.

Most people think that one can use a human treadmill for training their dogs. However, for several reasons they just do not work so well. Treadmills for humans can malfunction because of becoming filled with dog hair. Besides, dogs have a longer stride than humans do, and therefore it is important that the treadmill length is proper, or else the dog’s gait will turn into an abnormal short gait.

When purchasing a treadmill for your dog, it is advisable to go in for a brand that specializes exclusively in dog treadmills. The treadmill design should provide side rails, suitable height, adjustable kind of resistance control and settings for different inclines to give a good workout to your dog.

Before commencing the exercise routine on a dog treadmill, it is advisable to get in touch with an experienced canine trainer who can provide guidance on setting up the correct schedule for your dog’s workouts.

A good quality canine treadmill costs nearly the same as normal treadmills. You will be reassures if your dog uses a treadmill of good quality that is stable, sturdy and not shaky. Having a good quality dog treadmill will give you peace of mind.