Treadmill Basics

An Overview of Manual Treadmills

Manual treadmills are also known as non-motorized treadmill machines. These treadmills are  powered by the action of the user running or walking on deck. The user moves the belt backwards by the action of moving the belt backwards.

Manual treadmills are cheaper than  motorized ones. These machines can be bought for as little as $100 to $ 200. These machines are suitable in cases where the user has a low budget or wants to get the feel of a treadmill before actually purchasing a motorized machine.

Non-motorized treadmill machines are good for people who do not require multiple workouts. These basic machines are ideal for simple and light exercises. They are not meant for heavy or rigorous workouts. These treadmills are good for Cardio-vascular workouts.

As the manual treadmills are smaller and lighter, they do not require a lot of space. They come in handy in cases where there is a shortage of space. Manual folding treadmills can be used in small apartments or rooms and conveniently put away when not in use.

A common perception is that the non-motorized treadmill products help to burn more calories than the electronic variants. This belief stems from the fact that the user needs to apply a lot of force on the belt in order to keep it moving. Quite to the contrary, the user on a manual treadmill gets tired easily and may soon lose all interest.

As the user’s movement powers the belt, the non-motorized treadmill will only move as fast as the user is able to run or walk. It may be difficult to get the belt moving initially. Working out on these machines may cause aches, sprains and straining of back and joints. For these reasons, these treadmills are unsuitable for people suffering from injuries, backache and arthritis.
While the belt is moving, the user will need to stop and manually change the incline. This can be very bothersome.

Electronic treadmills, on the other hand, offer a more complete and comfortable workout. They are durable machines with features such as adjustable speeds and incline levels, cushioning effects and pre-set programmes.

The programmable workouts, variable speed and incline levels help to add variety to the workout routine and keep the user motivated.

As a treadmill is an investment in one’s health, it should be durable and offer comfortable workouts. For this reason, it may be vital to assess one’s fitness needs and physical well being, before deciding on manual or electronic treadmills.

Warranty is a very important aspect of a treadmill. A company that is not willing to stand by its product may not be offering a good quality product.

The ride must be smooth and not shaky or bumpy. A look at the safety features and luxury features may help to find a safe and comfortable machine. Useful information on various brands and models is available from expert product reviews.

A complete assessment of one’s need and thorough research about the available treadmills may help a consumer to buy a quality product. Often extensive research may help to find a good treadmill that provides quality at a reasonable price.