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Why You Must Invest In an Ironman Triad Treadmill?

Ironman treadmills are manufactured by Keys Fitness, an exercise equipment company situated in Garland, Texas. Ironman Triad Treadmills have been recently introduced in the market at a comparatively low price range that starts from $ 1000 and goes up to $ 2000.

The Ironman Triad treadmill has features of both the Ironman T and M Series ranges, which were based on conventional frames and had a foldable design. The Triad model is a very highly rated model and has good reviews compared to other models of Ironman Treadmills. The Triad model is meant for more serious and frequent runners.

Features of the Ironman Triad Treadmill 

The Triad model is suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes. It has a high capacity 3 hp continuous duty motor that provides smooth trouble free performance.  The treadmill has a maximum speed of 10mph and has a capacity of 350 lbs.

It provides a choice of workout programs with the facility of customizing your workout. This model is equipped with two heart monitors. One has five features and costs around $130, while the other has 17 features available at a cost of $160.The first monitor informs users about their current heart rate, the highest heart rate achieved by them during the session and also their average heart rate. The second heart rate monitor with 17 features tells you about the total number of calories burnt by you during the whole workout. It also tells you whether you have moved out of your target zone or not

It also includes a clock and an LED indicator. It offers four built in program, eight custom programs, two user programs, and one heart rate program. This Triad model helps users by displaying distance, calories, time, heart rate, speed, and incline.

It also offers three optional accessories

Acrylic Reading Rack: Users can enjoy reading while they exercise. Protective Floor Mat: This is a high quality, durable floor mat to protect your carpet from dirt and dust. It absorbs shock and dampens sound.

Cardio Caddy Storage System: It is a storage container that is attached to the handrail of the treadmill. User can store items such as a remote control, cordless phone, and glasses.

It includes a wireless chest strap that monitors your heartbeat.

It provides users with a warranty cover of ten years on motor, two years on parts and one year on labor.

Positive points
The Ironman treadmill offers many features at a reasonable price. The price ranges from $800 to$1,800. Other treadmills with the same features are comparatively expensive.

Negative points
These treadmills have just been launched. There is insufficient information about the durability and performance of the treadmill. However, that is not a disadvantage as feedback will be available over a period of time.

The second weak point is the warranty. It is less than the warranties of other competing brands.

The future of Ironman triad treadmills seems to be bright, as the company has provided attractive features at an affordable price. The treadmill models satisfy the requirements of a number of costumers.