Buyer Guide

Why read a Treadmill Review?

Treadmill reviews are evaluations of the various models and brands of treadmills. The reviews are based on criteria such as the price, consumer satisfaction, construction quality, warranty and reliability.

Based upon these criteria, the treadmills are given a rating. These ratings guide you on the machine that you should buy.

The reviews are written for all brands and are published in treadmill magazines, health magazines, and sport utility equipment magazines. The reviews are also available online. The reviews consider everything that you need to know about the treadmill.

The reviews not only provide a rating and a position to the model, they also discuss the features of the equipment in detail. The reviews also discuss the quality of the motor, belt and the dimensions.

The deck and the cushioning system, which is very important for the users of treadmills  are thoroughly discussed and compared with those of other models. It will advise you to opt for those models, which have proper cushioning system for smooth running, and help to absorb the shock to your joints and legs.

The durability of the machine is also discussed in detail. The treadmills are used for periods that are longer than a few days or months.

The reviews, very clearly define whether the said machine would meet your demands over a period of time or not.

Finally, the reviews focus upon the accessories. This is done in the last because accessories are not as important as the treadmill and its components. Accessories are just the extra features added for attracting the costumers towards the machine.