Buyer Guide

Where to Buy a Used Treadmill

Have you been forced by budget constraints to abandon  your  exercise regime even before beginning it. There is a very sensible solution to your problem. You can opt for a used treadmill to suit your budget. These treadmills are inexpensive and can help to meet your fitness requirements to a great extent. Although some of the parts may require repair and in some cases replacement, you can certainly opt for a used treadmill if you have a limited budget.

The question that is going to come to your mind is from where you can buy a used treadmill.

Here is a list of places that you look up in case you are looking for a used treadmill. 

* Classified ads
   Classified columns have a number of ads of people who wish to sell a treadmill.

* Charity thrift stores
   There are a number of charity or thrift stores in the US and Canada that sells used treadmills. A good example is the Goodwill chain of retail stores

* Local Gyms
   Many local gyms and fitness centers also decide to sell their old treadmills at a very low price. You can always look for used treadmills at such places.

* Internet
   The internet is another very useful place to look for all kinds of information. There are many websites that sell used treadmills or provide you links from where you can buy a used treadm1ll.

* Clearance sale
    A number of fitness stores sell used treadmills for sale at around Christmas or during other festivals.

* Refurbished Treadmills
There are a number of brands that are refurbished and sold with limited warranties. These treadmills are repaired and painted.

In case you buy a used treadmill, remember that there is some risk of landing up with a defective machine or having to replace some of the parts in a short time. You should be prepared for such an eventuality.