Buyer Guide

Weslo Cadence Treadmills- The Cost Effective Bargain

Weslo Cadence is one of the treadmill brands owned by Icon Health & Fitness Inc. Of all the Icon brands, Weslo Cadence is the least expensive. Indeed, it is one of the least priced among all treadmill brands available in the market.

Weslo has over twenty-five years of treadmill manufacturing and selling experience. The company manufactures exercise machines, bikes and treadmills. It offers cheap fitness alternatives to buyers looking for both, home as well as commercial users. Sold by large discount traders like Walmart and Target, these treadmills can be procured for as little as $700.

Cadence treadmills are one of the most efficient calorie burning machines. They offer good cardio-vascular workout and help to keep the user in good shape. Some of the models are also space-efficient and can be folded up after use. This feature is of great practical utility in cases where there are space constraints.

These machines offer a suitable fitness solution to buyers looking for exercise equipment for light exercises like walking. There are great starter treadmills and also great machines for occasional users. These treadmills are also the perfect pick for buyers with a limited budget.

Some of the features offered by Cadence treadmills include power incline, EKG heart rate monitor, hand weights and adjustable slope. These treadmills are iFIT compatible, which implies that the user can directly download workout programs from the Internet.

Cadence Treadmills offer C22, C78, 78s, C62, C42 models. C22 uses a 1 HP motor and is suitable only for children.

C78 runs on a 2.75 HP motor and can reach speeds up to 10 mph. It offers pulse rate readouts and is a good choice for training, weight loss and general fitness. 78s is powered by 2.75 HP motor. It can speed up to 10 mph and incline up to 10 %. With its cushioned surface, it is apt for running purposes.

C62 has a 2 HP motor and can reach speeds up to 10 mph. It provides grip pulse sensors and step-by-step console. A 2 HP motor runs C42. It offers easy pulse technology, cushioning, step-by-step 3-window console and is iFIT compatible.

Cadence treadmills suffer from some drawbacks. Most of their motors are not very strong and rate low in terms of their horsepower. Apt for only light and occasional use, these machines are not suitable for rigorous workouts or professional use.

These treadmills offer a limited warranty of only 90 days on labor and parts. However, a buyer is generally aware that he/she will get only what they pay for. Thus, these affordable Cadence treadmills are worth the money spent. They offer good starter machines and great interactive features, which can be otherwise found only in some of the high-end machines.