Buyer Guide

Used Treadmills Are A Good Deal

It is a very difficult and arduous task to buy used treadmills. One really needs to be proficient with treadmills in order to ascertain the exact condition of a used machine.

It is often very difficult to judge by the look and the feel of the equipment. Thus, it is usually recommended that one must buy used treadmill machines only from reputed sources.

For buyers contemplating to buy a second-hand treadmill, it is advisable to buy the expensive models instead of looking at their cheaper counterparts. Expensive equipment may be a little demanding on the pocket, but they usually provide good value for money. In the long run, these products prove to be a better deal and help save unnecessary expense on maintenance and upkeep.

If a buyer is well versed with treadmills, he/she may also buy them directly from the seller. In case, one is an amateur, he may consider taking the help of websites and web portals. Most of these online sources offer reliable and impartial buying advice.

In case financial considerations hinder the purchase of a new treadmill, it may be better to buy a used treadmill machine. This will help to acclimatize the buyer to treadmill workouts till the time, he/she can buy a new and more suitable model.

Refurbished treadmills too offer a good choice to buyers looking for used treadmills. These machines are cleaned up and often re-made. They also come with a warranty, which is usually missing in other second-hand machines.

While buying a used treadmill, a prospective consumer must bear a few things in mind. First of all, he/she must choose a suitable machine from a reputed manufacturer. The treadmill motor must be at least 2 HP. The belt size, the speed and the incline options should be suitable for the user’s workout routine.

The machine must have a strong and durable deck. One may seek the professional assistance of a trainer on aspects like motor efficacy, speed, incline and cushioning.

A buyer must decide if he/she requires any pre-set workout programs. These are available in the more expensive machines but they definitely help to beat boredom out of routine exercise.

Some machines offer safety features like automatic stop button, panic shut down and alike which may be very useful in case of an emergency. Above all, the machine must offer an affordable and apt fitness solution to the user. It should completely address the user’s fitness needs.

The price of second-hand exercise equipment depends on its age and quality. A buyer should crosscheck the current original price of a new model. There must be a considerable difference in the product’s original price and the price of the used machine.

Used treadmills also have some advantages. They provide the user the convenience of home gym equipment, without leaving the comfort of home. One can purchase a good brand at a reasonable price. If one is buying refurbished equipment, the warranty provided by the company is an added strength.

But, it makes more sense to buy a cheaper new treadmill instead of going in for an expensive, second-hand model. New treadmills are better than used machines in terms of quality, features and the warranty provided. Also, they are free from the hassles of frequent maintenance, which many second-hand machines may demand.