Buyer Guide

Used Treadmills- A Cheaper Fitness Alternative

Sometimes people buy treadmills but are not able to use them due to time constraints. At times, they may not feel inclined enough towards treadmill workouts. Such machines often find their way to a used-goods store. These treadmills are hardly used but are sold at cheaper prices.

Occasionally some sellers of used exercise equipment also recondition the treadmills sold to them. These refurbished machines are cheaper. At times, they are even better than the original product.

Gyms and health clubs may sell their equipment at low prices if they are in the process of upgrading their existing stock or renovating their premises. The exercise equipment used in gyms is more durable and capable of intensive use when compared to home machines. Even though these machines have been used earlier, they are highly-rated in terms of quality, stability and features.

A buyer looking at buying cheap used treadmills must check if all the moving parts are in good working condition. One must see the HP of the motor. The belt must be checked for any wear and tear. The machine should not be noisy and its ride must not be jerky.
 The console must be in proper condition because if the console is not working accurately then the user may not be able to utilize the treadmill features. The speed and incline must be suitable according to the user’s needs. Usually, these allow either walking or running and generally not both of them.

A buyer must also ask for the product’s manual which can provide useful insight about the basic up-keep and how the machine looked like when it was first purchased.

If one is buying from a used-goods store, one must inquire about the history of the treadmill. In case the purchase is directly from the seller, information about the age of the machine, frequency of its use and any maintenance work performed must be collected. If the treadmill has been lying idle, one must inquire as to for how long the machine has not been in active use.

The price of cheap, used treadmills depends on their age and quality. A buyer must check the present original price of the model he/she is contemplating to buy. There must be a significant difference in the product’s original price and the price quoted.

Sometimes, new models may be available at cheap prices as a part of the company’s promotional sales activity. In such cases a buyer may be able to pick a good new machine by slightly stretching his/her budget.

It always makes better sense to buy used treadmill machines of reputed brands, from reputed sources. By exercising due caution and care, a buyer may be able to pick a good-quality product that provides sturdy, durable and premium service.