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Treadmill Consumer Ratings

Considering the wide variety of treadmills and other fitness equipment that flood the markets today, choosing a treadmill that combines good value along with quality often becomes an exhaustive exercise.

Several sources are available to assist the consumer to make an informed decision. These sources include magazines and journals, expert reviews and consumer ratings. Additionally, the prospective buyer can also conduct online searches.

The information provided by all these sources is usually based on actual customer testimonials and feedback. Often, the reviewed product is evaluated and tested and on the basis of the product-use experience, the review is prepared.
The exhaustive range of products, on which expert advice is available include automobiles, electrical appliances, and fitness equipment, apart from the others. The fitness equipment reviews also provide practical information on treadmills, one of the most popular forms of indoor exercise machines.

Consumer Reports generally assign titles to best buy treadmill brands and models. These include titles such as the best budget treadmill for walking, best mid-range folding treadmill, best treadmill for running, best runners' treadmill and best treadmill for professionals.

Before delving into details on these best buys, it may be helpful to cast a glance at some features of a good treadmill.

The motor is as indispensable as the heart of the human body. The motor should measure at least 1.5 HP. Motors with lower HP offer poor workout and due to recurrent breakdown, require frequent up keep. The belt should measure at least 18 inches in width and 48 inches in length. Tall or obese people may need longer or wider belts, which can be made-to-order.

The deck should be a quality component that is sturdy enough to absorb shocks. The frame should be powerful. Welded, steel or aluminum frames are very durable. The machine must provide handrails as they are important safety features.

The speed and incline should be suitable to the user’s fitness plan and regime. Push buttons are generally better than switches or dials. The machine’s display panel should display all requisite information in large and legible figures. In case of any eventuality, the provisions for automatic shut off and panic buttons may be very practical. Also, the treadmill parts should be sufficiently covered by warranty.

As per the consumer report rating treadmills of the best brands include treadmills from Smooth, True, Landice, Pace Master, Precor, Image, Cybex, and Nordic among others.

Sole F-80 has been touted as the best mid-range folding treadmill. It has speed and incline controls on the handrails and offers excellent warranty. Image 19.0 R is claimed as the budget treadmill for walking, while the best treadmill for running is Life Fitness T3-0.

Landice L7 Pro Sport Trainer is claimed to be the best treadmill for professionals. It is extremely sturdy and well built.

Smooth 5.25 has been called the best buy, as per consumer report rating treadmills. It is essentially meant for walking purposes. Due to its folding options, it is easy to store.

9.25 HR treadmill is a very sturdy, well-built and quiet machine. It provides speed of 12.5 mph. It offers lifetime warranty on the motor and the frame, five years on electronics and one year on labor. It is very dependable but quite expensive.

A look at the consumer report rating treadmills may be very useful in guiding a prospective buyer to a good product that provides good quality as well as value for money. It provides impartial and unbiased views on the treadmills available and helps the consumers select the most suitable one, according to his/her fitness needs.