Buyer Guide

Tips on Buying a Used Proform Treadmill

The idea of buying a used treadmill is not bad if you look for good models that are in a good condition. The notion that buying second hand is a waste of money and is throwing good money away, does not have to be true. You just have to be careful and look for a used treadmill that is of a good brand.

One of the brands that you might want to consider in case you are thinking of buying a used treadmill, is Proform. It is a brand that is known for the fact that it has a superior design and is durable.  Proform treadmills are constructed from quality components that are built to last. Chances are that if you come across a used Proform treadmill, it will have a good number of service years left.

There are a number of dealers that stock second hand treadmills. These dealers will definitely have a number of used Proform treadmills in stock.

Here are a few tips that you should follow in case you wish to buy a used Proform treadmill.

Always visit a reputed second hand dealer for inquiring if they have the used treadmills in store. A dealer is bound by law to sell you a treadmill that is not defective. Some dealers will even refurbish used Proform treadmills and provide sell them to you with a warranty cover.

Make sure that the model and manufacturing date of the treadmill is no very old. As a thumb rule do not buy a model that is older than three years.

Ask the dealer about whether a warranty cover is available on the motor and other parts of the treadmill.

Last but not the least, check out the treadmill yourself for a limited period of time and make sure that it is comfortable to use and that there are no funny noises coming from the motor or the tread belt.