Buyer Guide

Tips On Buying A Treadmill

The task of buying a treadmill could at times be quite tedious and confusing. It can indeed be a very arduous exercise as the pressure to select a good quality machine that suits one’s needs and meets the budget, is enormous.

A careful look at some tips may assist a consumer in the selection of a good machine. These points include: price, incline, folding options, motor, belt, console and warranty.

On the basis of their market price, treadmills can be categorized as being budget or economy, mid-range, quality and commercial. Budget or economy treadmills are available in range of $500 to $1400. Mid-range treadmills can be procured for $1400-$2500 whereas quality treadmills cost $2500 and above. Commercial treadmills could be bought for $3000-$7000.

Prices of motorized treadmills are higher than those of manual machines. Used and refurbished treadmills may also come cheaper than the new ones.

Depending on the user’s fitness needs, different incline levels may be suitable. Casual walking requires lower incline, while running or power training need higher levels. This feature of inclines aids in burning calories, even after the workout.

Folding treadmills allow the convenience of folding up the machine and thus make it easy to store. These are portable, space saving and easy to clean under.

Motor is like the heart of the treadmill. Its power is measured in terms of horsepower (HP). Treadmill motors usually range between 1.25 HP to 3.5 HP. Power training or strength exercises require motors of higher HP.

Tread-belt is the walking surface of the treadmill. Belts for home treadmills are generally 2-ply, while those for commercial purposes are 4-ply.

Console helps the user keep a track of his/her performance by showing the speed, distance, time and incline. Advanced treadmills also provide information on calories burnt.

Warranty is a very important aspect of the treadmill. It provides a fair and just idea about the quality of the treadmill parts, electronics and alike.

Apart from these, one should look at the deck, frame and speed before buying a treadmill. The deck should pre-lubricated to avoid friction. Low impact decks are good for the back as well as the joints.

The machine should also have a sturdy frame. Frames made from steel or aluminium are very durable. The speed should go up to 10 miles an hour and the machine should provide a smooth and secure ride.

A look at the safety features, electronic accessories, available workout programmes, brand name, expert reviews and customer testimonials may also be significant.

Buying a treadmill is a huge investment. The prospective buyer must bear in mind his/her fitness needs and go in for a trial exercise, before taking a decision. A prudent decision taken, bearing in mind all the relevant criteria can prove to be the right choice in the selection of a high-quality piece of fitness equipment .