Buyer Guide

Things to Look For While Buying Treadmills

The market is flooded with various models of treadmills with a variety of features and gadgets. There are a number of competing brands, each promising to outdo the other in terms of performance and quality. Aggressive advertising and marketing on the part of the manufacturers may result in a prospective treadmill buyer becoming confused when deciding on which brand and model to buy.

In case you wish to buy a treadmill there are some tips that, you should keep in mind before making your decision.

The motor is the most critical component that goes into a treadmill. Make sure that the motor is powerful enough for extensive workout sessions and does not make too much noise. It should be a continuous duty motor that is preferably commercial grade.
The warranty on the motor should be at least two to three years.

The treadmill should have a cushioning system to absorb the stress on your feet, ankle and knees when you walk or jog on the tread belt.

The belt should be of a good quality and should provide you a smooth, jerk free and stable workout.

The treadmill should preferable have pre-programmed workouts so that you can have variety in your workout routine.

The treadmill should not vibrate or make to much noise.

The treadmill should have built in safety features such as auto shut off and a safety key that you can use to prevent accidents or misuse.

It is always nice to have the latest gadgets such as a heart rate monitor, a CD player and iFit technology to enable you to download workout programs from the internet. iFit technology enables you to have your own virtual instructor to guide you on your workouts.

Last but not the least the overall warranty on the treadmill should be at least five years.