Buyer Guide

The Finest Treadmill Machine

Purchasing a treadmill can be a difficult task. A potential client may find it difficult to make the right choice, considering the wide variety of treadmills available in today’s market.

In such cases, the buyer may read fitness magazines, consumer ratings and expert comments and scores. These sources help the potential buyer to know about the best brands and their well-known models.

Best treadmill may differ from one person to another. Going by one’s fitness requirements, purpose and frequency of the workouts and the kind of fitness regimes, different treadmills may serve the purpose. People have different needs when exercising. The criteria that may be relevant for one person need not be relevant for another.

Premium treadmills rate high on durability, sturdiness, usability and customer satisfaction. Renowned manufacturers provide excellent machine parts, good warranty periods and exceptional after sales service.

Expensive and pricey treadmills need not be the best treadmills. A fine piece of machinery will offer absolute value for one’s money. The quality and longevity of the machine parts and the services provided by the manufacturer go a long way in determining a good machine.

Best treadmill models include machines from Horizon, Smooth, Pace Master, Life Fitness and Landice. In the lower price bracket, Horizon treadmills, manufactured by Johnson, are good examples. They are extremely durable and have reliable machine parts. Horizon T53 and Horizon T54 HR are popular models, good for jogging workouts.

Manufactured by Smooth Fitness, Smooth treadmills are one of the best treadmill machines available. Smooth 7.1 HR and Smooth 5.15 are some of the popular models.

Smooth machines promise stability and a steady ride. These treadmills are durable, sturdy and quiet. They have provisions for adjustments of speed and incline. Some models can even be folded up for storage and can be used where space is a constraint.

Smooth offers excellent warranty on its treadmills. Smooth 9.25X treadmill has a lifetime warranty. This company also provides a 30-day money back guarantee and nation-wide support services. As Smooth Fitness is sold only online, a customer can save a lot of money while buying from this company.

The Smooth 5.25 and Smooth 6.25 treadmills are good examples of walking treadmills. For walking and light running, Smooth 9.25HR serves the purpose. Landice L970 Pro Sports Trainer is popular with professional athletes and heavy runners.

Different treadmills may be apt for different persons and different fitness needs. Expert reviews and online searches may help one, in making a correct and wise decision. A prudent judgment may spare unnecessary inconvenience and help in finding a machine that justifies its worth in terms of the money spent.