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The Best Buy in Home Treadmills

Treadmills are an extremely popular choice when it comes to indoor exercise machines. The popularity of treadmills can be understood from the fact that these machines account for one-third of all home exercise equipment sales.

Home Treadmills are good for walking and running. These machines are ideal choices for an average consumer and fitness amateur. People often use home treadmills as it allows people to workout from their home.

Different home treadmills are available in different price categories. There are budget treadmills in the price range of $500 to $1500, mid-range treadmills in the price range of
$1500 to $3000 and premium treadmill models over $3000.

Choosing the best treadmill according to one’s budget is usually a difficult task. A potential buyer may be able to pick up a good product, by keeping a few things in mind. Expert reviews offer valuable and impartial buying advice to prospective buyers. They advise the potential customer about the factors to consider, before buying a home treadmill.

Two types of frames are provided on treadmills. These can be either steel or aluminium. Steel is heavier but is prone to rusting and corrosion due to sweat. Aluminium frame is more expensive but more sturdy. An aluminum frame is lighter than a steel one.

The size of the tread belt must be appropriate for the user. Most machines  provide cushioning, which helps to lower the impact on knees, joints and ligaments.

The motor must be powerful enough for the treadmill. Most treadmill motors range from 1.25 HP to 3.5 HP. The user may choose a motor of a higher HP, if he or she requires a treadmill for strenuous exercises. DC motors are apt for home treadmills as these are less noisy.

A prospective buyer must be clear about his or her requirements. Depending on the kind of fitness needs, one may choose either a manual home treadmill or a motorized version. Similarly, in cases where there are space concerns, it may make practical sense to go in for a folding home treadmill.

Many treadmills offer safety features such as handrails, heart rate monitor, wireless chest strap, grip pulse sensors, automatic shut off and panic buttons. These features may be quite useful in case of an emergency.

The expensive treadmills also provide preset workout programs. The user can choose a suitable workout plan according to his or her needs. Various family members too may select different exercises according to their fitness requirements.

A careful look at the warranty offered may be very important. It can provide a clear idea about the quality of the machine and its components.

Many treadmill manufacturers sell their products online. One such example is Smooth Fitness. Shopping for treadmills online saves both time and money.

Fitness experts and magazines also provide useful information about various treadmill models available in the market. These reviews may help a buyer to make an informed choice.

The best buys in home treadmills are ratings assigned to different treadmill models by sources like Runner’s World magazine,, Consumer Search and Prevention magazine. These recognitions are allotted on the basis on the treadmill’s durability, quality, after-sales service and warranty.

Some recommended and highly rated home treadmill brands are Smooth Fitness, Sole, Landice and Life fitness. Smooth Fitness is the number 1 home treadmill manufacturer for the last one decade. Best buy in home treadmill Smooth models include Smooth 5.25 and Smooth 6.25.

Well-made and highly rated Landice range of home treadmills have a lifetime warranty cover. These treadmills have received the best buy recognition in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 by Treadmill Doctor. The best buy in home treadmill models include L7 and L8.

The well-constructed and affordable Life fitness treadmills are apt for home usage. Their best buy in home treadmill includes Life fitness T30.

Bodyguard, Precor and NordicTrack are some other reputed home treadmill brands.

It may be prudent to go through some home treadmill reviews and also examine the short listed treadmills closely before taking a final decision.