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Home Treadmill Reviews Help You Make A Choice

Home Treadmills are the most common and popular option in indoor exercise machines. They allow the user the convenience of consistent workouts in comfort and privacy. These machines are most commonly used for walking and running and are ideal for the average consumer and new fitness enthusiast.

A fair idea about the treadmill models and brands can be obtained by looking at some home treadmill reviews. Published in fitness magazines as well as available online, these reviews lend useful insight in to the quality and performance of home treadmills.

Home treadmills are evaluated by fitness experts and professionals based on the product price, durability, quality of the components, shock absorption and cushioning facilities, folding options, warranty and after-sales service.

Home treadmills are available in three price brackets. These are the economy or budget, mid-range and quality home treadmills. There are a number of reviews that rate treadmills as best buys in each of these categories such as  the best budget home treadmill and the best mid-range home treadmill.

A treadmill must be a durable machine, capable of withstanding a rigorous fitness regime. The deck must be sturdy and pretreated with a lubricant. This helps to reduce friction and the demand for maintenance. The frame should be made preferably from aluminum or steel.

The quality of the components is an important consideration. Belts for home treadmills are generally 2-ply. The tread belt should be of high quality and its size should be suitable to the user’s body size. Models with a wider and longer belt are also available. 

The motor is an indispensable part of a treadmill. A good motor means better performance and durability. DC motors are better for home treadmills as these are less noisy. Most treadmill motors are available between 1.25 HP to 3.5 HP. Motors of higher HP are suitable for strenuous workouts or work commercial use.

The console should provide readout on time, speed, distance and calories and help the user to track performance. The incline and speed levels should be suitable for the user’s workout intensity.

For users with space constraints, folding home treadmills may be the ideal solution. These treadmills can be conveniently folded after use and are ideal for small spaces or  multi-purpose rooms. The warranty is yet another important aspect of a treadmill. It gives the buyer a good idea about the quality of the machine and its components.

Cushioning and shock absorption capabilities are added advantages. Many treadmills also have pre-set workout programs. Safety features such as an easily accessible start and stop buttons, automatic shut off, safety lock and handrails are very handy in case of any eventuality and should be given due consideration.

It may also be helpful to undertake a trial exercise. The tread machine should provide a smooth and steady ride.

Home Treadmill reviews help to a client to become familiar with the features of the product and make an informed decision. Reviews help the buyer to consider all aspects of the machine such as price, stability, quality of the parts, warranty and service.

A treadmill is an investment. A buyer should make the right choice and buy a machine that is worth the value. Home treadmill reviews make an earnest effort to ensure that a potential buyer is able to make a good choice and reap the benefits in the years to come.