Buyer Guide

Guide to Buying Treadmills

There are a number of treadmill brands and models that are available today. Most of these brands are successful and the manufacturers have managed to carve a niche for themselves in the market.

The manufacturers compete amongst themselves to provide features and specifications that they claim are unique to their product. In such a situation, where the customer has a huge choice, selection of a treadmill brand and model becomes a nightmare.

The customer needs an effective and reliable means to compare the advantages and disadvantages of the treadmills, in order to decide which one to buy.

How does one go about buying a treadmill?

We can go about doing this in two main ways. We can decide our budget and then find the brand and model that delivers the maximum number of features within our budget. Alternatively, we can decide the features that we need, the features that are nice to have and the features that we can simply do not require.

Whatever approach we use, we should arrive at a feature list and budget and then find the model and brand that fits both these requirements.

Once we have shortlisted the features, budget and the brands that fit our budget and meet our requirements, the next important step is to check if the brands are reliable.

This is where reviews by treadmill or fitness experts and end users of treadmills have a very important role to play. Check both types of reviews. The problem here is that for a new model there will not be any user reviews that you can rely upon. Then again, the decision is yours if you want to buy a new model.

Then again, you might say to yourself why all this fuss about finding the best way to buy a treadmill!  I should probably go ahead and buy the model that my best friend bought 3 months ago. You can also go ahead and buy a brand and a model that seems to be very successful.

The decision is yours if you want to use such a rule of thumb. In any case, you might not have the satisfaction of knowing that it is the best brand to buy.

Whatever you do, do get to know about treadmills, and test out a treadmill before you actually buy one.