Buyer Guide

Buying the Best Treadmill for Home

Home treadmills are one of the safest and the most reliable exercise equipments. They account for one third of all home equipment sales. The popularity of these machines is growing by leaps and bounds. Working out on home treadmill saves time spent in going to a gym or a health club. The treadmills allow their users comfortable workouts in the privacy of their home.

Different treadmills may qualify as best for different home users, based on their varied fitness needs. While assessing your needs, you should consider the intensity and duration of your intended workout. High-intensity exercises will require a stronger motor and more speed and incline options. Also, the frequency and intensity of use determine whether you need a manual or a motorized treadmill. A potential buyer may desire additional features like electronics or preset workouts. These features may entail an extra cost.

One must also bear in mind space issues, if any. Where space is a constraint, folding treadmills are the best solution.

In-built TV, DVD/CD players allow users the comfort of watching TV programs or movies and listening to music while working out. Most advanced home treadmills offer these luxury features as well.

A lot of safety features are also available in treadmills that are very helpful in case of emergency. These safety features include handrails, heart rate monitor, automatic shut off and start and stop buttons. Many advanced machines also offer cushioning effects, which help in absorbing shocks and prevent the risk of possible injuries as well.

Next, a prospective buyer must be clear about his/her budget. Home treadmills are available in three price categories- budget, mid-range and quality. While making a choice you must also focus on the warranty offered on the machine parts. To get the best, it is always better to buy a treadmill from a manufacturer who has had a long standing in the industry.

Some recommended and highly rated home treadmill manufacturers are Smooth Fitness, Sole, Landice and Life fitness. It may be wise to go through some home treadmill reviews and also examine the short listed treadmills closely before taking the final decision to buy. A probable buyer must remember that the treadmill should offer value for the money and fully address all the fitness requirements.