Buyer Guide

Buying a Refurbished Treadmill

Refurbished or re-conditioned treadmills are used treadmills that have been restored and repaired to an extent that they are almost factory fresh and as good as new. Refurbished Treadmills are good quality and durable machines that are available at very reasonable prices.

Private owners or fitness facilities, like gymnasiums or health clubs might have used these treadmills and disposed them off. Very often, gyms and clubs sell off their older models when they want to buy new and upgraded fitness equipment.

Re-conditioned Treadmills are usually over two years old. They offer the features and durability of new treadmills at used or second-hand prices.

These treadmills are a great choice for budget-conscious buyers or users set out to use a treadmill for the first time. Fitness enthusiasts’, who are just beginning to use treadmills, may wish to get a feel of a refurbished machine before actually purchasing a new product.

Treadmills may be refurbished by the original manufacturer or a retail outlet that specializes in the sale of such treadmills.
If money is a constraining factor, factory refurbished treadmills are the best choice. Although such machines are often more expensive than the treadmills re-manufactured by other outlets, these are cheaper compared to new treadmills. Generally, a warranty period of about six months is also provided.

The process of refurbishing a treadmill involves reassembly, replacement and re-building the original product. The old, worn-out parts are replaced. The machine is thoroughly cleaned up and re-painted.  As a part of the process of refurbishing, these machines are checked very carefully for any inherent flaws or defects. Very frequently, the existing motor and tread belt is also replaced.

After the treadmill has successfully passed through all these stages, it is sent to the sales outlet for sale to the consumer.

A prospective consumer looking to buy a refurbished treadmill should consider aspects such as the manufacturing date of the treadmill before buying. Very old models should be avoided, as they might involve frequent maintenance and unnecessary expense.

Warranty is another significant consideration. The warranty offered on the product can give the buyer useful insight in to the quality of the machine and its components.

It is better to buy from a reputed fitness manufacturer, as their products are of better quality and provide enhanced durability and performance. A look at the expert reviews and ratings for refurbished treadmills may also be quite helpful.

Refurbished Tread machines provide the quality, durability and improved features of newer models at affordable prices. They offer the ideal fitness solution as they combine quality with value for money.