Treadmill Basics

Workouts For The Treadmill

Workouts for the treadmill basically comprise walking, jogging and running exercises. It is the best and the easiest way to burn calories, to improve your physique and to stay fit. Treadmill enjoys a huge edge over outdoor workout modes, as you can start working out anytime during the day. These machines are also of a convenient size, which enables you to place them in a corner of your home.

You should always remember to follow a well-thought out schedule while performing workouts on the treadmill. Walking is meant basically for people with a casual approach. For the seriously health-conscious folk, there are exercises like jogging and running. There are a number of improvised techniques to be adopted while running on the machine for enhancing your abilities to a considerable extent.

Like in every form of exercises, in treadmill training also proper warming up is very crucial. Treadmill appears to be a less taxing mode of workout, hence sometimes people tend to overlook the aspect of warming up. But this is an exercise and lack of proper warm-up and stretching may cause considerable damage to your limbs.

Once you are properly warmed up, follow it with hard running alternating with intermittent cooling-down sessions. Repeat the schedule in sets. You should perform at least two to three sets. However, the number of sets depends and may vary from person to person.

A very good way to perform workout on the machine is by interweaving aerobic exercises with strength training. You can walk or jog for some 5 minutes or slightly more and then follow it with 1 or 2 minutes of circuit training. The time span of various exercises is different from each other. In the initial phase, one should not continue hard running for long. The running duration should be increased over time. The main thing is to stick to the schedule on a continual basis. This is what ensures long-term gain from treadmill workouts.