Treadmill Basics

Warming Up Before Going To Treadmill

If you are familiar with various workout regimens, you will surely know that physical exercises can be divided in two distinct categories. There are both low-impact and high-impact exercises. Many people, especially from among the women, prefer low-impact exercises to the other form. Walking is one of the most prominent exercises in this category.

Walking is a very good way to keep you in shape and in good health. Time was when there was plenty of open spaces to go for a walk. Also, the air was cleaner. You could be well benefited by taking a walk in the morning. But the times have changed. Now either you do not have enough time or the smoky atmosphere outside deters you from going for a morning walk. This is when you realize the necessity of treadmills. Treadmill walking workouts can give you all the benefits of open-air walking, while ensuring that you do not have to venture out in polluted environments.

Treadmill walking workouts are quite easy and hassle-free. However, you will do well not to start randomly. There are a number of definite methods which help you avail the maximum gain from the use of this machine. Like all other forms of exercises, treadmill walking should also be preceded by a methodical stretching session. This session braces you up for the actual workouts ahead. Preferably, you should continue walking on the treadmill for a period spanning 30-45 minutes. The first phase is always stretching, followed by 2-3 minutes of slow walking for your body to warm up. The next 5 minutes should be spent walking on faster but still comfortable speed. After this you have to walk for a period of 15 minutes or so at an accelerated pace without stopping in between. You can also imitate walking on inclines by raising the treadmill bed with the help of the specific buttons which are there in the machine.

After the speedy 15 minutes, you should walk for 5 minutes at a good yet comfortable pace. The next 3-4 minutes should be reserved for a cooling down walk. It is good for you to go through 15 minutes of stretching before you finish the session.