Treadmill Basics

Underwater Treadmill Exercises For Muscular, Gait And Hip-Abduction Strength

Underwater treadmills are treadmills that can be immersed in water. The equipment provides a form of for rehabilitation exercise for patients that have had  hip replacement surgery. Underwater treadmills are an important form of  rehabilitation therapy  for increasing muscular strength and movement of hips. They are also used at veterinary hospitals to exercise horses and dogs and make their movements smooth and swift.

An underwater treadmill works like an ordinary treadmill submerged in water. The water level is kept at the chest level of the patient. The person can then walk or run at any desired pace on the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt of such treadmill reacts to inputs it gets through the user's feet movement. The underwater treadmill has water jets that provide varied resistance levels to the patients.

The speed of the treadmill and the force of the water jets can be increased to provide increased resistance to the patients. This allows the patients to work gradually from one level of resistance to another, until they reach the desired fitness level.

Underwater treadmills assist exercisers that have had a complete hip replacement to get back gradually to their normal levels of activity. Potential users of underwater treadmills are  patients who need to coordinate the feet movements or gait, increase the motion range of the hips and strengthen the muscles around the hips.

Exercise on such treadmills also improves the emotional well-being of the patients. Individuals who have undergone hip replacement surgery are put through a  post-operation rehabilitation therapy in the form of underwater treadmill exercise. Physical therapists and sports medicine specialists also recommend underwater treadmill exercise.

Underwater treadmills help improve hip-abduction vitality and gait stability during the critical rehabilitation period following surgery. Underwater treadmills are safe but should be used only under supervision of medical specialists, doctors and physical therapists.