Treadmill Basics

Treadmill Workouts of Different Kinds

Regular workouts and exercising is an easy way to a long and healthy life. Workouts may be in terms of exercise routines like walking, running, jogging and aerobics. Several fitness equipment and devices are also available as fitness aids that could help you stay fit and healthy. One such hugely popular fitness machine is the treadmill.

Treadmills can be used for walking, jogging, or running. One may even switch one of these with another, or with aerobic or strength exercises. Some of the best treadmill workouts include the following:

The simplest treadmill exercise is walking, jogging or running. Another exercise can be walking, jogging or running backwards on the treadmill. These backwards exercising techniques help to enhance athletic performance.

A yet another variant is treadmill workout with hands off the rails. Since holding on to the treadmill railing ruins posture and burns fewer calories, it is helpful to exercise with hands off the rails. Walking, jogging or running backwards can also be done with hands off the side rails.

Another popular workout is known as the treadmill companion workout. It is when two people work out together that it is known by this name. This kind of workout promotes commitment to the cause of fitness and helps overcome monotony.

One may also try Alternating Fast and Slow-Paced walking for a cardio-vascular workout. Adding jumping intervals to routine treadmill workout is another popular and useful treadmill workout.

Dumbbell workout on the treadmill involves intervals of regular treadmill exercise with periods of dumbbell workout.

One may also go for mix strength training or a combination of walking up and down the stairs.

To overcome stress and anxiety, a relaxation walk on the treadmill may be helpful. Periodic stretching exercises may also assist in easing out the tension. To aid this purpose, only gentle stretching exercises should be undertaken.

Next is the treadmill hill workout which involves working out on the treadmill by use of incline. Helpful in increasing exertion, it is designed for people who wish to get back into the exercise routine after an intermittent gap.

There are also treadmill workouts with high-intensity training intervals, which are helpful to professional runners and athletes.

Best treadmill workouts may differ according to different fitness needs. One must choose the workout most appropriate according to one’s requirement, whether it is fitness, weight control, building up the stamina or bodybuilding.

This vast range of treadmill workouts help to add spice and variety to routine workouts. They assist in overcoming the monotony of same workout every day and thus enhance the user’s dedication to the cause.