Treadmill Basics

Treadmill Workouts for Beginners

Walking, running and jogging constitute the most common and most popular forms of exercise. As it is easy to replicate running and jogging on a treadmill, these machines are an excellent option to workout and exercise.

This ease of use accounts for the immense popularity of treadmills today. Treadmill workouts can be comfortably adopted by almost anyone such as fitness amateurs, older people and persons recovering from injury. 

Treadmill workout in the beginning should aim at slowly introducing an amateur to exercise, while at the same time, gradually strengthening the heart and other muscles and enhancing stamina and resistance levels. A treadmill workout involves three main modes- walking, jogging and running, which are all very easy for beginners.

The intensity and duration of  treadmill workouts must be comfortable and easy enough for the beginner. The workouts should be neither too intensive nor too light. The amateur must wear comfortable clothes and footwear. Any food intake should be at least six hours prior to the workout. One must drink plenty of water and ensure that the body is well hydrated.

It is best to begin with light exercise and increase the duration and the intensity, gradually. Warming up and cooling down periods are both very essential. It also helps to keep a track of daily performance. 

Keeping a day off or a day of relatively lighter exercise ensures that the person does not get bored with the routine. It may be important to seek the advice of a qualified physician, before commencing on any form of treadmill exercise.

Several treadmill workout options are available for beginners. A pre-workout stretch helps to prepare the body for more strenuous exercises and reduces the risk of cramps and injuries.

One may even alternate intervals of vigorous running with periods of slow recovery. Alternating treadmill workouts with intervals of dumbbell exercises and aerobics is another workout option.

Treadmill Hill workouts are another treadmill workout for beginners. It is a good workout to get people back in to shape after injuries and also a great exercise for beginners. It involves working out on the treadmill and using the incline feature to increase the level of exertion.

No matter which form of workout is chosen by a fitness amateur, it must be comfortable and easy. The first aim of a beginner treadmill workout is to introduce the beginner to treadmill exercise, which can be fulfilled only if the adopted exercise routine is easy. Once a comfort level with the starter exercise has been reached, one may increase the intensity, to build up stamina and accomplish fitness goals.