Treadmill Basics

Treadmill Workouts Are Worth Doing

Treadmills are used for weight-loss, bodybuilding, strength training, cardio-vascular exercises and general fitness. Different treadmill workouts may be adopted according to one’s fitness need and goals. What qualifies as a good treadmill workout for one person may not be equally suitable for another.

The best treadmill workout should be able to work the muscles of hips, abdomen, calves, thighs and chest. Additionally, it should be able to enhance blood circulation and build up stamina.

Beginners may use treadmills for walking, running and jogging exercises. Treadmill Hill Workout is also good for starters and for people getting back in to exercise routine after a long injury or illness. It involves using incline to increase exertion.

Users aiming at weight loss may try cardio exercises, interval training and treadmill workouts with hands off the side rails, as these workouts help to burn calories and trigger weight loss.

Cardio workouts are great way to lose weight and maintain cardio vascular fitness. They help to avert the onset of diseases like obesity and heart attack and help to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. These workouts involve periods of warm-up followed by high-intensity cardio exercises and concluded with cool down intervals.

Interval Training is a cardio workout, which takes less time than usual cardio exercises and burns more calories. It helps to improve cardio-vascular capabilities.

Best treadmill workout for an average consumer usually involves walking, running, jogging, cardio exercises and interval training. He/she may also experiment with different workouts, many of which are built in the memory of the treadmill. All these features help to spice up the routine treadmill workout and break the monotony of regular exercise.

Some workouts that can be used to add variety to usual treadmill exercises include treadmill workout with a companion, jumping intervals on the treadmill and alternating slow and fast-paced treadmill walking.

The best treadmill workout for professional athletes include running backward on the treadmill, treadmill workouts using high-intensity interval training and a mix of treadmill strength training with aerobic exercises.

For the purposes of bodybuilding, treadmill workouts may be alternated with intervals of dumbbell exercises and push-up sessions.

Some of the treadmill workout options are also available for cardiac patients. These workouts are primarily low-intensity exercises provided according to the patient’s capability and comfort level. The heart patients are provided sports physiology training, through treadmill walking exercises.

These days, a lot of treadmill workout alternatives are available. The consumer may choose from the inherent pre-set workouts, recommendations of a trainer or surf the net for available workout options.

A user must carefully ascertain his/her fitness needs and then choose a suitable treadmill workout. It may be sensible to consult a physician before embarking on any new workout.