Treadmill Basics

Treadmill Workout Programs: Have you tried interval training?

While you hit the gym, your trainer may encourage you to take up workout programs involving interval training. But, what is that?

Well, interval training is one that involves the use of different exercises in your total workout regime. Definitely, treadmill running makes a large part of the whole workout process, with the involvement of other useful exercises. The only purpose of this is to introduce fun and excitement while you are burning out that excess fat.

Usually, interval training is a part of your treadmill workout when you are practicing at home. The reason is that, being at home, sometimes you feel boredom and find your routine mundane. Your exercising pattern should be such that will keep your interest alive and will use all your time effectively.

Your workout programs should encourage you with new ways in your treadmill exercising. The other exercise that you can involve in your treadmill workout is the use of dumbbells. Dumbbell training should depend on your fitness level. Remember the fact, the more muscle activity you bring in your treadmill exercising, the more weight you will loose easily.

You can also involve skipping while taking a few minutes break from your treadmill running. And if you are a music lover, you can shake yourself a little bit on your favorite sound tracks with the help of aerobics movement. By adding weight to your treadmill walking, the amount of energy consumed in the same time will be more, thus burning more calories.

Your exercising should begin by a warm up exercising of five minutes on the treadmill itself. Start with moving your arms and shoulders first. This will help to loosen them.

Some of the common workout programs present in the treadmills are:

1) The Hill: This is a good workout program for your heart. The set of programs that are included in it are more difficult than the others. The programs are divided into two broad categories of hills and valleys. So while beginning, start the first hill at 70%, then gradually increase it to 75% and then eventually to 80% . When exercising on the valley's the level should be at 65%.

2) Random Choice Program: This workout program will allow you choose the whole of your workout process. This will include things like speed and the level of running.

3) The Cardio Workouts: In this workout program, you can adjust the inclination of the treadmill to your heart rate. The benefit of this workout program on treadmill is that you will feel that you are climbing up a real hill. This type of workout is extremely good for your cardiovascular system.

4) Fat Burn Workout: It is a light workout regime. With it you can adjust the inclination while keeping the heart rate at 65%. This type of workout involves the increase in the angle of running and that will amount to more burning of calories.